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Derivations Skincare | Flawless Moisturizer

Flawless Moisturizing Crème with Rosehip Avocado

$100.00 for 1.75 oz jar

This perfection-complexion moisturizing creme uses Rosehip seed oil to even skin tone erase fine lines, and hydrate the skin.  

Rio de Janero, Brazil

Rio de Janero, Brazil

Latin women are prone to uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmentation. For years, Latinas have relied on powerful natural ingredients such as lemon and avocado to lighten and brighten their skin, leaving them with a radiant glow.
— Beauty Secrets of Latin Women

How to erase dark spots and uncover radiant, even-toned skin?

Excess melanin, the natural pigment that gives color to skin, due to UV exposure, hormonal fluctuations, or trauma to the skin causes uneven skin tone and brown spots. Reduce spots and improve clarity with Derivations dark spot corrector.


Our Solution

Excessive sun exposure and even hormonal disorders can cause an increase in melanin production resulting in hyper-pigmentation, liver spots, age spots, and dark spots. Whatever we call them, nobody likes them or wants them on their skin. Derivations proven dark spot correctors feature high-performance ingredients to rapidly restore a bright, even tone. Quickly fade age spots, post-acne marks, sun spots and hyper-pigmentation to reveal an even, flawless complexion..