Brightening Moisturizing Day Crème


Brightening Moisturizing Day Crème



  • Brightens
  • Promotes even skin tone
  • Fights acne
  • Prevents melanin production
  • Moisturizes
  • Exfoliates
  • Repairs
  • Soothing agent


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Product Details:

  • Brightens, Moisturizes, Reduces Fine Lines, Prevents Collagen Loss, Sagging, Discoloration, Scars, Acne, Dry, Dull, and Uneven Skin
  • Contains the key ingredients to brighten and moisturize skin.
  • Our Brightening Cream is Paraben Free. Uses the Highest Quality Natural Ingredients and is Cruelty-Free, leaving your skin feeling beautiful.
  • Gives MAXIMUM Anti-Oxidant Protection & helps ELIMINATE Free Radicals on your Skin That Causes Premature Aging
  • SUPERIOR Delivery System with brightening and moisturizing properties from potent ingredients in order to deeply nourish the skin.
  • HIGHLY CONCENTRATED – Not available in stores. No harsh side effects.

If radiant skin is your goal, our skin brightening and lightening cream will give you smoother, brighter skin and lessen dark spots caused by sun damage and scarring.

This brightening moisturizing creme contains plant-based Kojic acid to promote even skin tone, fight acne, and infuse moisture. Kojic acid prevents the production of melanin, thus promoting even skin tone. 

Brightening Moisturizing Crème with Plant-Based Kojic Acid

1.75 oz jar

The Asian Region – world’s skin Brightening experts – beauty secrets include kojic acid, rice, and turmeric.  This brightening moisturizing creme contains plant based Kojic acid to promote even skin tone and fight acne.  Rice derived vitamin B promotes cell growth, slows down aging, and stimulates blood flow.  Chamomile is added to calm the skin and provide anti-oxidant effects that protect skin from damage from free radical exposure.

Active ingredients:

Sea Kelp Bioferment – Natural kelp extract of sea algae.

Sea algae provides:

  • Chlorophyll: helps detoxify

  • Essential fatty acids: improve skin elasticity

  • Carbohydrates: stimulate the skin's ability to heal

  • Vitamin A: an antioxidant, normalizes skin cells

  • Protein/amino acids: building blocks of cells, skin conditioners

Other Ingredients:

  • Jojoba and chamomile for calming the skin

  • Kojic acid: prevents the production of melanin, thus promoting even skin tone; has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties

  • Allantoin: healing, moisturizing, soothing agent that gently exfoliates and stimulates healthy skin formation

  • Squalene/Olive Oil adds moisture and repairs imperfections in the skin.


Apply a small amount of moisturizer to your neck.  Massage in an upward stroking motion to the forehead.   Apply at morning and at night.

Skin Types:

Normal, Dry, Oily, Sensitive