Derivations Founder, Linda Dunn-Carter LE, CPCP, PMA, understands the importance of timeless beauty. Linda applies her education and expertise to take the best of each culture to create natural skincare products that defy the boundaries of age and time.

Meet Founder Linda Dunn-Carter LE, CPCP, PMA

Derivations Founder and President Linda Dunn-Carter LE, CPCP, PMA

Derivations Founder and President, Linda Dunn-Carter's award winning success and mind blowing results from her thriving skin rejuvenation practice, The DC Method, inspired her to create a 100% natural pro-active skincare regime.

Linda's brand philosophy and her ethos about essentialism is the science behind her selection of perfect healing ingredient blends to support on-going facial and body topical treatments, natural results driven maintenance, and glowing optics for her patients. She is a huge advocate and firm believer that a healthy skin care regime is conducive to long lasting natural optimal results in the anti-aging process.

Linda Dunn-Carter LE, CPCP, PMA is the CEO and Founder of the game-changing      The DC Method, and holds multiple-state aesthetic licenses along with certifications as a permanent cosmetic practitioner specializing in skin needling with stem cells and medical micro pigmentation.

To date Linda has performed over 30,000 procedures and appeared on many local and national news programs, public speaking engagements and other media platforms, showcasing her 100% client success rate and proven results. Her practice and skills draws patients from all over the globe, as The DC Method technique grows in proven natural skin recovery results, science and popularity.

Blessed with God given grace, talent and healing hands, moreover a purveyor of scar elimination, Linda has made a distinguished mark for herself in the global scar revision therapy arena as a go-to source for a comfortable, results driven, and efficient soft tissue correction that delivers a rebirthing experience. Linda Dunn-Carter is striving for pole positioning in the fast lane of the global rank and file of elite scar revision experts and skin rejuvenation professionals.

Linda started her career as an entrepreneur with many years of profitable ventures before pivoting into scar revision therapy for the last 12 years. Her profound comprehension of the medical sector has enabled Linda to grasp and ascertain deep knowledge of the evolving science of skin correction and scar revision market shifts and advances, which defines Ms. Dunn-Carter’s business smarts, versatility and demonstrative leadership qualities.

The zen belief that Linda embodies in the Skin Needling (Dry Tattooing) methodology, is the wisdom required to perform a delicate practice and precise procedure that takes years to perfect and should only be done by a Tattooist and Aesthetician who is trained, certified and licensed to perform this specific treatment.

Linda’s accountability to her family, patients and friends comes first. The diligence to succeed and to provide for her family fuels her ability and commitment to tackle the daily grind that starts with a morning workout, a healthy meal regimen, raising a grandchild and meeting with patients.

However finding time to thread the needle has been a challenge worth embracing . Linda's unequivocal love for people, the endeavor to perfect scar revision business practices and market trends has not only been a stress reliever but a fulfilling career that has been taking notice of her peers and medical science industry colleagues alike.

But no matter how successful, Linda believes her greatest achievements are her wonderful family and giving back to society. Linda serves her community and devotes countless hours of community outreach and fundraising to help charities raise awareness and funds will always play an important role in her life.

Linda's mind blowing talent and creativity is limitless for her patients, but it is her ideal that "Everyone, no matter who they are, deserves to have their inner shine back and to rekindle the deep confidence in life!"

Linda Dunn-Carter's flagship office is based in Miami Beach, and also includes office locations in New York City, Houston, Scottsdale with 3rd quarter 2018 office openings in Beverly Hills, Atlanta and London, England. 

About Our Luxurious Beauty Treatments

Derivations was created to provide high quality natural skin care products to a demographic that thrives on elegance, class and luxury, recognizing the value of beautiful, ageless skin. A line that caters to all ethnicities, the developers of Derivations have taken the best of each culture to develop timeless skincare solutions to defy the boundaries of age and time.

Clinically-Proven Ingredients

Derivations is taking the skincare industry by storm, used by some of the world’s most recognized and beautiful women. All Derivations products are based on the world’s most incredible skincare remedies, discovered after intensive research and scientific analysis.  Underlying science behind Derivations brand that is contained in each of our moisturizers:

  • Sea Kelp Coral - Sea Kelp is rich in fucoidan.  Applied to the skin, fucoidan will increase collagen synthesis, decrease the activity of enzymes that break down dermal proteins, increase scavenging of free radicals and increase cell proliferation.
  • Tocotrienols - highest and purest form of Vitamin E with 3 double bonds and the highest antioxidant activity.    The purest form of Vitamin E serves as a scavenger for free radicals that are destructive to the cell membrane, whose integrity is paramount to cell metabolism and life.
  • Plant Mitochondria Concentrate - Slows the aging process by directly providing a full array of mitochondrial components to the skin. Melioration of mitochondria is responsible for the aging.  The night cream is formulated with plant mitochondria concentrate.  Designed to slow the aging process by directly providing a full array of mitochondrial components to the skin, this cream is unique.
  • Amino Acid - an essential nutrient our skin needs to regenerate.  If your body is depleted in an amino acid, there is a source in this cream.

The first skincare company to focus on  global beauty, Derivations has harvested natural ingredients from all corners of the globe to capture the most natural and nourishing ingredients Mother Nature has to offer.

Age-Defying Skincare

There is no comparison to the protective and sustaining properties of proven, natural ingredients that have worked for years in each region of the world. Beautiful skin doesn't have to be a challenge - it's a privilege. Derivations takes these secrets to develop specialized products to enhance the beautiful skin you already posses through natural ingredients that preserve and heal. Unlock the secrets of skin rejuvenation while enjoying the benefits of age-defying beauty. Finally, a skin care line with beauty creams, cleansers, moisturizers and anti-aging treatments that deliver radiant, supple and smooth skin is within reach.